Frequently Asked Questions


What age can join Cub Scouts?

Boys can join Cub Scouts beginning with kindergarten, and continuing through fifth grade. Each year is a separate program, although they build upon one another. You can find more information about the ranks here.

Do Cub Scouts now admit girls?

Beginning in 2018, Cub Scout packs nationally are now allowed to admit girls. Due to the strength of the Girl Scouts program in Chamblee/Brookhaven, Pack 268 currently has a Den for girls.

What makes Pack 268 different from other Cub Scout Packs?

Many other Cub Scout packs have to meet primarily as individual dens to constraints in available meeting space, and may only meet once or twice a month. Because we have a large Scout Hut dedicated to our meetings, we are able to have all of our dens meet together every week - this allows families to bring their sons at the same time and to the same place, and for our dens to join together for games and activities when appropriate - including giving our older Cubs opportunities to learn how to teach and lead our younger Cubs.

In addition, we have available to our Cub Scouts: a nature trail through the woods, fields to play in, and a fire ring to learn skills around, immediately around our Scout Hut.

What if I don't know how to camp? Will that keep my scout from being involved?

Learning how to camp along with your Cub Scout is the best way! Pack 268 provides family camping (and hiking) opportunities throughout the year, as well as access to low cost scouting leadership classes to help you gain outdoors skills. We have plenty of experienced parents ready to help guide your family in how to have a great time in the outdoors.

When do they transition to Boy Scouts?

Cub Scouts in Pack 268 crossover to the Boy Scout troop in the spring of their fifth grade year. This allows the scout to attend summer camp that immediate summer with the Boy Scout troop.

Is it too late for a fifth grader to join?

No! Every year is its own separate program. Starting in fifth grade is a great way to get ready for the move to Boy Scouts in Sixth Grade.

How much does Cub Scouts cost?

Pack 268 charges dues annually - about $75; you will need to acquire some uniform and equipment (although we often have used shirts and hats available). We choose to have parents contribute individually for additional activities. Also, there are many camp activities in the summer and thorughout the year run by the Atlanta Area Council that you can participate in.

Do I we have to join a particular Cub Scout Pack based on our school?

No! There are several other Cub Scout Packs nearby in Dunwoody and Brookhaven, and they can join whichever one is most convenient to their schedule and best matches their desired program. You can locate other Scout troops at Pack 278 is the only Cub Scout Pack in either Chamblee or Doraville.

Are there fundraising requirements?

Pack 268 chooses to not do extensive fundraising such as selling popcorn, and instead focus on activities that use the Scout Hut and 30+ acres fo green space we have at Chamblee Methodist. We have started in 2017 a small fundraiser selling a flag decorating service.

Do I have to volunteer as a leader?

We do need parents to help; however, other than for Tigers (First Graders), parents do not have to be involved at every meeting - but the more that you participate, the more your son will enjoy and get out of Cub Scouts. Being a Den Leader is a time commitment of about an hour a week (or less) to plan most meetings, plus the hour meeting itself. Pack 268 has several experienced leaders, ready to help, an dwe have forty years of supplies at the Scout Hut to support most Cub Scout meeting plans.

Can my daughter come to the meetings?

Cub Scouts is a family activity - we want the whole family to come and have fun! The Scout Hut is a 200 square foot building with plenty of room for all; for many activities, all kids there can learn and participate in activities. Pack 268 now has Dens for girls. Not only can you bring both boys and girls we welcome the whole family.

What is the relationship between Pack 268 and Chamblee Methodist - does my child have to be a church member to Join?

Cub Scouts is open to all families, regardless of Church membership or faith. Chamblee Methodist is the charered organization supporting Pack 268, and we do request (but not require) Scouts to attend the annual Scout Sunday service to be reconized by the church.